Wednesday, March 4, 2015

2015 Fresh - February.

   Well, I made it through February! This was the coldest February in Tennessee in 37 years. Curse you, Global Warming! (shakes fists at the sky). Still, I managed to finish 7 designs in February, a work in progress, and a new episode of Kevin Koastie, with a challenge or possibly a contest connected with an important up-coming plot twist! But more on that later...

   I finished January with 3 versions of a Logo for a local radio show, Art-A Go Go. This was the 3rd one, which for completeness sake, I'll show again here.
Art-A Go Go (3rd Draft). 2/2/15
   Then I finished a work-in-progress which I also showed in January.
I mean this one!

Here's the finished version.
Strange Daze and Nights. 2/7/15
So, how'd I do?
   While I was creating Strange Daze and Nights, I saw a way in which I could simplify the design, but still keep the bulgy-ness, so that was my next design!

Simplicity Rediscovered. 2/11/15
To make a comparison between the two designs fairer, I used the same colors, in the same order, in both designs. With the first one, I started along the top edge and worked my way down, and in the second one, I worked vertically from the center out to the sides; but other than that, of course, they're both exactly the same!

   I worked on a few more Logos in February. I showed this one as a work-in-progress.
I mean this one.
Well, I finished that one too. You can see that I used that simpler bulgy-ness motif from Simplicity Rediscovered, only I added a few new complications while I was at it.
Brown Bag Recording Studio (1st Draft). 2/17/15
   Well, I liked the way that one turned out so much, I got right to work on another Logo.
Brown Bag Blues (1st Draft). 2/21/15
I think I used a bit too much blue in this one. Oh well, back to the drawing board!

   This next one was a possible test format for another Logo. Those who visited my last post may remember The Parrot From Hell? (another work-in-progress).
This one!
I decided to do it all in shades of green, (15 shades, actually), and then filled in the bits between the forms mostly in shades of orange.
Phoenix. 2/26/15
This one looked a little too dangerous to let wander around the page unsupervised, so I put it in a cage!
   But it got me thinking about Phoenixes (what Is the plural of phoenix?) and since one of the Logos I was asked to design was "The Phoenix" I took another run at it!

The Phoenix (1st Draft). 2/28/15
This one turned out pretty well, if I do say so myself, but the words in the center were a bit too small, so I decided to 'tweak' the design a bit. And that 'tweak' is this week's Work-In-Progress.
The Phoenix (2nd Draft) in progress
And now, Kevin Koastie! But after you read the cartoon, read on...

Coming up next, Kevin and Mr. Sprock play "Pull My Finger"!
   Now, here's my challenge --- What do you think the 'Activation Code' might be?
If I use your suggestion you'll win a Musey! Heck, if your suggestion makes me laugh or even thoughtfully stroke my chin and say "Hmmm..." you'll win a Musey!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

2010 Quasi-Fresh - March.

   Hello again! Tonight I'll be showing off the work I did in March, 2010. I've also got a few 'works in progress' and a new Adventures of Kevin Koastie episode for you! Yay!

IMAO Link of the Day: Semi-Random Semi-Curved Semi-Linked With a Clockwise Spiral.

   Oh, I forgot to show this one earlier - it's the cover art for my 2010 collection.

2010 Cover Art
   I cartooned myself!

Complex Rainbow Spiral. 3/4/10
   I've always liked this one. It's basically one of my semi-random, semi-curved, semi-linked structures, but with a clockwise spiral worked into it. The combination of colors helped set it off. Maybe I'll do another one like it, the next time I'm in a semi-random mood.

The Burning Bush. 3/9/10
   The Burning Bush started out as a variation of my 'Summer' pattern, but as it developed it turned out quite different. Then the colors I chose, a mix of browns, reds and greens suggested 'combustion',  and so the title seemed apt to me. That's how it goes, sometimes. If someone had come up to me and said, "Hey! draw a picture of a burning bush! I'll pay you $1000!" I probably would have created something quite different (after I finished kissing their feet!)

Deceptively Simple Maze With Bubbles. 3/15/10
This one was fun to draw. You will note that it contains absolutely no curved lines, but still manages to suggest circle-ness. It's also not really a maze. You can follow the path from either the top-right or bottom-left and you will eventually get to the other end with no dead-ends or blind passages - hence the descriptive title - deceptively simple maze (with bubbles). I even highlighted one wall of the passage through the maze to make it easier to find your way. You're welcome!

Hyper-Weave. 3/19/10
   With this one I was trying to combine a triple-weave pattern with a globe. Then I continued the fiddly-bits just about out to the edge of the page - because. Hmmm...  If I warped the lines behind the pattern before I drew the pattern, I might be able to overcome the problem I had with this design - namely getting the different scale bits to fit together without any awkward extra bits left over ... I'll think about it!

Valentine. 3/25/10
   I've shown this one before a time or two. (sigh) Fiddling with these triple-weave designs, I figured out a way to work open spaces into the pattern, and then work the edges of the open spaces into the shape of a Valentines Day heart. The Q-bert-ish background seems to work well with this design.
(Still thinking about ya, babe!)

   And we finish the month with another semi-random moment!
Semi-Curved Double-linked Random Weave. 3/30/10
   Now here's two works-in-progress I worked on this weekend. That's why I didn't finish my Kevin Koastie cartoon until Monday night. I didn't post all this stuff to my BlogSpot Monday night because my computer was running slow as molasses, so I had to do the whole sweep, clean, filter, defrag and scan thing instead. It took HOURS!!!! (@#$%^&*) ... ahem ... sorry.

Black & White Test 52
   This one has hidden possibilities - I drew it this-way-up; trying for something that would look like a globe with wings.
   But when I turned it upside-down, it looked like a scene from that NASA video Harvey posted at IMAO last week, the one with all the scary solar flares!
IMAO: I Am Now Convinced That We Will All Die In A Giant Solar Flare.
Ahh! Global Warming! AhEeeee!
   But then some guy glanced at it from the side and said, "What's that? A Parrot?"
Yeah, a parrot from HELL!
   So, like I said, hidden possibilities!

   This one is just kind of nice. The tricky bit will be selecting the right pallet of colors. If I do it right, it'll look Fabulous!
Black & White Test #53

And finally, another Fabulous episode of Kevin Koastie!

You don't tug the mask off the ol' Lone Ranger, and you don't mess around with "E"!

Monday, February 16, 2015

2010 Quasi-Fresh - February.

   Well, here I am again after a weeks hiatus. Why did I fail to post my artwork at the usual time last week? It's a long but foolish story which I won't bore you with. Anyway, if my failure to offer you another glimpse of my 'Little Worlds' last week left even a teeny-tiny little hole in the fullness of your busy lives, I apologize. Oops, sorry!
IMAO Link of the Day: Don't Stare At The Blue Bit.

   Anyway, down to business! I did some interesting designs in February of 2010. I'd purchased a new pad of drawing paper, which was a bit smaller than the paper I had been using previously. This forced me to rethink my designs, adapting them to fit into their available space.
   In addition, I've got another Work-In-Progress, and a new and even better-er episode of Kevin Koastie! Yay!

Red, White & Blue. 2/4/10
   I tried the transparency trick again with this design, with better results. I also worked in some illusion of depth. Don't stare at the blue bit in the center too long, it may hypnotize you!

Emergent Star. 2/9/10
    I'd forgotten Emergent Star. It was an experiment in combining several different design and pattern elements. It all seemed to come together with the colors. The challenge for me was linking the little fiddly bits to the large bits while keeping the orientation of all the bits straight.

   These next two are linked in their general outline and in the color pallet I used, but different in two distinct ways. I wanted to see which combination of design elements would make the more attractive picture. To make it a fair test, I started from the same shape and range of colors, but because of the differences I planned into the design, reacting to the random elements I also threw in, the two designs came out quite different. But in the end, they're both haystacks!

Half-inch scale, Double-fold, Random, Linked Haystack. 2/16/10

Quarter-scale, Single-fold, Random, Linked Haystack. 2/22/10
Close-knit Community. 2/26/10
   And Close-knit Community finishes up the month. I tried the linked-fiddly-bits trick again with this one, as I had earlier with Emergent Star. It sort of takes the background and wraps it around until it's almost the foreground. Hmmm.... Ya know, I think I could make that work!

   Now here's that Work-In-Progress I was talking about ...
Brown Bag Recording Studio - unfinished.

Never mix secret ceremonies with kegger parties

Monday, February 2, 2015

2015 Fresh - January.

   Tonight I'll be showing off the work I completed in January, 2015. All Fresh Stuff for a Fresh New Year! Yay! Also a work in progress, and a brand new episode of Kevin Koastie down at the bottom! Let's get started, shall we?
IMAO Link of the Day: Perhaps the Tide is Out?

   These first three designs are related to each other, in ways I'll explain as I go along.
Mostly Random, Curved, Linked Structure. 1/3/15

   This one is a pretty standard design - the kind of thing I do to relax after completing something excruciating complex. I set the outside dimensions, and then worked my way around the edges to the center, adding one random element on each go around until all foundation lines are set. After that, I get creative!
   The next one is related to the first one in that they both start out with the exact same outer dimensions.

Sea Shore 3.0. 1/14/15
   This one is different from the first one in one distinct way - it has only ONE random element. I built the design from that point out and around, then did some fiddling with the secondary design elements and turned it into another sea shore. There's not as much blue in this one as in my previous sea shore designs - perhaps the tide was out?
   The third design is related to the second design because I used most of the same colored pencils to color it in.

Little Worlds 2015. 1/15/15
   This one is different from most of my other designs in that it's completely free-style. I didn't use my compass, protractor or straight edge when drawing this one. Heck, I didn't even start from the center of the page; I just eye-balled it and adjusted as I went along. I'm going to make this one the cover design for my 2015 collection. (Unless I create something else I like better later on.)

   Speaking of excruciatingly complex designs ....

What Time Is It. 1/21/15
   I originally intended to call this one "Size Matters" because I was going to make sure that all the little diamond-shaped bits fell within a certain minimum/maximum size range; starting at the center and working my way out to the edges. Then I started coloring it in from the center - out, just to see what pattern would develop. But half way from the center to the edge, I started thinking, "What this design needs is is a Secret Message!" I got so obsessed with finishing this one, I didn't even take a break to do my weekly episode of Kevin Koastie. As a sort of apology, I posted the still unfinished picture instead.
It looked like this!
   I have to give an Atta'boy to Oppo! He figured out the secret message from this unfinished patchwork! Atta'boy, Oppo!

The Light Shines Through. 1/24/15
   This one is another variation on my old 'Sword of the Cherubim' zig-zag design. Posting those old designs from 2011, 2010, etc. makes me take another look at my old stuff and see new possibilities. How's that old saying go?
"Those who don't know history are destined to repeat it." - Edmund Burke

 Yeah, that's the one! On the other hand, those who Do know history can take advantage of it!

   Then I got busy with a Commission! The lady who owns the art shop where I display my framed pieces asked me to create a logo with the caption, "Art A Go Go".

Art A Go Go - 1st draft. 1/27/15

Art-A Go Go - 2nd draft. 1/30/15
   The lady paid me for the first two, and gave me another 10 ideas for more logos and such, so I may have my work cut out for me for the next few months. We'll see how it goes. But I wasn't quite satisfied with the first two, so I did a third draft -

Art-A Go Go - 3rd draft. 2/2/15
   This 3rd draft isn't strictly from January, but it's tied in closely with the last two from January, so ... well, I won't tell anybody if you don't, 'kay?
Now here's that 'work-in-progress' I mentioned before. I started it just this evening. I don't know what it'll look like when it's finished, but it started as a circle, for what that's worth!

work-in-progress 2/3/15
   And now, a new episode of Kevin Koastie, with a flash-back within a flash-back, and a glimpse of 25th century post-S.N.A.F.U. horticulture, all framed within a moment of inward reflection by a secondary character - while our hero sits and sips his beer, I guess. Phew! that was a lot to cram into a 4-panel cartoon! I hope you enjoy it!

50th New Episode! Yay!

Monday, January 26, 2015

2010 Quasi-Fresh - January.

   Tonight I begin a new year - a new year-in-review, that is. 2010 was a good year for me, art-wise. I came up with several new pattern elements which produced some of my favorite designs. I didn't produce as many designs over the course of the year as I have in the years since. I guess I just didn't draw as fast back then. Still, I hope you'll find that some of these oldies-but-goodies are pretty good!
Also, Kevin is back! Yay!
IMAO Link of the Day: "A Promising Local Artist."

To the Edge. 1/8/10
   I called this one "to the edge" but I suppose it would be more accurately called "to within 1/4 inch of the edge".

Fractile Snowflake - With Linked Background. 1/16/10
   Fractile Snowflake had some interesting touches. I created a transitional zone between the snowflake and the background which I don't recall ever using again on any other design. I don't know why - I guess I just forgot about it. Going through these old designs makes me re-think my creative process. I'll look at them and try to remember what I did to get them to look the way they do. Sometimes I go "Oh yeah, I remember that!" and other times I go "What the heck was I thinking?". Still, I know my methods and I can usually backtrack the steps I took to get the results I got. Here either I was trying to separate the snowflake from the background, or I did the snowflake complete with the transition zone and then decided the design needed some kind of background.
   Whatever. It still looks good!

Color Experiment. 1/21/10
   This experiment was about coloring technique, not about the colors themselves. I wanted to see if just coloring around the edges of the forms would make the design look transparent. My conclusion was that it just made it look incomplete!

3 Snowflakes. 1/25/10
   I braided 3 different 6-pointed designs together in this picture, so it's really 3 snowflakes. See?

   Well, that's all for January, 2010. But before I show the latest episode of Kevin Koastie, here's a work-in-progress I started just today. It's special because it's for a friend here in Memphis who is starting a radio show called "Art A Go Go" on a local AM station. She wants a logo to go with the show - something she can print on t-shirts or business cards, etc. So we talked it over and I sketched out this design. You can still see the pencil lines.
   I should have it done in a day or two. Gosh, I hope she likes it! (She said she may interview me on the radio - as a promising local artist, I guess. Or maybe about my theory that all our problems can be blamed on those sneaking, conniving dirty Elves!)

Art A Go Go. unfinished
   So, anybody need a logo?

1st Corinthians 15:33 - Do not be deceived; "Bad company ruins good morals."
   I got the idea for this plot twist from a memorial address given by C.S. Lewis in 1944. It still applies today, and will probably still apply 500 years from now! It's pretty good, and not too long to read; so enjoy!
Link: C.S. Lewis - "The Inner Ring".

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

2011 Sort'a Fresh - October, November & December.

  Hello everyone! I hope you had a good Martin Luther King Day weekend. I went to see American Sniper - The Chris Kyle story. Excellent Movie, you should all go see it! If you don't, the terrorists win!  (ahem)
   Anyway, today I'll be showing the work I completed in October, November and December of 2011, a total of 5 pictures. Either I was too busy with other things to get much drawing done during this time period, or I gave a lot of my work away as Christmas presents - I don't remember which. But you can enjoy the few I still possess.

IMAO Link of the Day: That Frowning Troll Like Face.

   Sorry, no Kevin Koastie cartoon this week, I got busy with a new design over the weekend and couldn't tear myself away to do a cartoon instead. It's still not finished, but I'll show it at the bottom of this post anyway. (It contains a 'secret message')!

Hiding True Center. 10/12/11
   Hiding True Center is a variation on my previous design, Revealing True Center. All the circles are off-kilter, except for one, which would reveal the center, if it wasn't hidden.

Alphacromatic Garden With Ripples. 10/17/11
   This one is a variation on my previous design Ripples. I call it a garden because I used all the colors in my pencil box that had botanical names, like Rose Red or Pine Green, and I call it Alphacromatic because I applied the colors in alphabetical order. After it was finished, I concluded that the circles really didn't add anything to the design - they just made it more complicated. So I stopped adding them. But now you wait and see, I'll probably come up with some new way to add ripples to a design, because looking at these old designs tends to give me ideas for new designs. We'll see.

Shooting From the Hip. 10/23/11
   I posted Shooting From the Hip once before. I drew this design the other way around, then colored it from the center - out to the edges, and didn't see anything in it. Then I turned it around and saw a guy with a gun blasting away. So I included it in my Genius Unintentional collection.

Variation on a Motif. 11/9/11
   I was still experimenting with that zig-zag pattern I created for Sword of the Cherubim. I wondered if I could create a maze with it, but I decided I'd need a larger sheet of drawing paper to start with, so I may take another stab at it someday.

Centrifugal. 11/14/11
   Centrifugal is a simple spiral design with a hyphenated treatment around the edges, but it looked like it was spinning to me.

Auld Lang Syne. 12/30/11
   I finished this one on Dec. 30th, and figured it would make a good period to the year, so I named it after that old song they always sing to celebrate the passing of the old year and to welcome in the new year. The picture itself is a semi-random, semi-linked, semi-curved structure with no meaning except what the viewer may place into it - kind of like our hopes and dreams for each new year, which are always deeply personal and subjective. (although, that frowning troll-like face in the lower, left-hand corner worries me a little bit!)
I mean this bit!
   Well, that's the whole 2011 collection wrapped up. Now I'll show the design I worked on this weekend (and yesterday) instead of doing my Kevin Koastie cartoon like I should have.

Unfinished - (secret message)